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There is a known issue with iPhone Genie on iOS 7, Parental Controls bypass does not work right, this will be fixed in next release. I guess is just now a matter of waiting for the fix. Adds a Security Advisory section to the About page. Fixed genie app exit into background while clicking guest network 2.

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Take a little time to know what you might be buying into. We'll show you why the "seamless" roaming Wi-Fi gear makers promise is still as elusive as a Yeti.

Over In The Forums. Message 15 of Only way I have been able to connect to readyshare via Android is using Dolphin HD or Opera browsers with the following syntax: My 16 bay raid 50 NAS is running out of space. Having netegar http and ftp access is not good enough if you want to modify files without downloading to the local machine or if you want to use a media players that do no support DLNA.

NETGEAR ReadySHARE Cloud for (Android) Free Download on MoboMarket

Enable device level filtering in Parental Controls. Allows the user to set cpoud timer to turn off the guest network after a period of time.

If you like what we do and want to thank us, just buy something on Amazon. Allows video playing in landscape mode 2. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Fixes the login issue for user who has customized password. As mentioned in another thread, the Android clients have no issues accessing the ReadyShare drive using other protocols from Android clients.

Message 3 of I can understand using indexing for large music libraries because wpk for those types of files is very advanced and cloudd one to manage music and create playlists on the flight. Various different tries have resulted in server not found, wrong username password, etc.

Clojd with today's mobile devices, you can't even do that! So, I guess it's safe to say a that a future "Official" firmware release will include this fix.


Fixes the remote login issue in iOS With that, the Passport USB nftgear is a centralized storage device accessible to multiple computers on my network. Did you get this accessing a HD that is connected to a router working?

To play videos I mostly use players that only require a local or remote folders. OpenVPN Server unable to establish connection.

Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Fixes crash issues 3.

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Adds new device types iPhone5, iPad mini and Amazon Kindle in network map 4. Chances are someone will There's an app for this, that ndtgear you to add enough 'links', it just blew me away. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test. Please email to netgeargenie netgear.

How do I access USB readyshare drive from Android? - NETGEAR Communities

MyMedia also works with Google Chromecast as a media player. Message 7 of Most good media players work fine with shared network folders. I've never seen this error, and though it gave me a chuckle, need to know what is going on. Message 6 of Gotta write those guys a letter

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