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Close unnecessary programs and try again. X-Trap can only be run on a computer's administrator account, so it is not possible to play CrossFire in Guest accounts or Standard users' accounts. Add Crossfire to your anti virus exception list http:

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Like anti-virus programs, X-Trap is launched along with CrossFire and continue manipulating memories while CF is running to detect suspicious processes that try to interact with crossfire. You should spit that on their facebook page, or their website, or their forums and not here T If you have this issue, first try xtral remove these updates then reboot.

Today's Posts Mark Channels Read. If just closing down doesn't make the problem go away, try to uninstall it.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: Beautiful Giggletron, nice work. No VIP gun here. This process requires powerful computers however, so players with decent PCs may have to wait a bit long before the game is loaded.


Most notorious is Logitech drivers and its software. Before doing the following action, make sure to save all necessary information anfi files from the last few days in safe place. Originally posted by mandoza View Post.

P but I know how: X-Trap Logo X-Trap is an anti-cheating program created and maintained by WiseLogic, used nati almost all CrossFire versions to prevent players from using hacking tools.

What you should do is update your nVidia graphics drivers from their official website http: On the other occasions, refer to the list below for details. XTrap monitors the following actions: Remember to make a save point in case you need to restore your system Repeat the action few times until you will receive the necessary files. We are over 30 clans from Romania, we have 2 clans in Top10, and we have over active players.

This is for you to use your initiative to find and close this program.

List of XTrap Errors and possible solutions - Z8Games

Sometimes XTrap will display the culprit that is causing XTrap to stop. Originally posted by LobsterMts View Post. I could do this but my english is bad and after nobody on the forum understand me.

Originally posted by Giggletron View Post.

[RELEASE]XTrap ByPass Anti-Log

If necessary, delete any unneeded files to free space. Known Antivirus software include: This is the idiot proof guide And it shouldnt Please close the program that prevents normal game play.

Help Contact Us Go to top. Originally posted by Tuqaa View Post. Originally posted by GRoy View Post. Right click and choose "Run as Administrator" 4. Upgrading Windows to Service-3 If something goes wrong, X-Trap will close CrossFire and give out an error message, telling players the possible reasons and general suggestions to fix it.

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