Blip and blop 2

And actually, the game was made by one person who has worked in the games business professionally, a guy called Benjamin Karaban. Bring back the main forum list. I think it should go.

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That's fair use and it's the same principal here Which does meet one of the criterias in the list you posted We just can't have every game ever made by every high-school student ever in this database.

And also, fair use is a very real thing and allows you to use licensed b,ip for, among other things, satire, where this certainly applies. There are a lot of free games, and we cannot have them all in the website. This is not akin to SNL skits, where they use trailer footage to make a 2 minute clip or something. Is legal and not a modification that violates copyright laws.

Blip Blop Spotify Playlist

And as far as copyright infringement goes, liken this to SNL when they remix shows, movies and trailer with their own spliced in footage or just dubs. According to this pagethe rules that I listed above should definitely mark this game for deletion if it was a browser game. There's so much shitty freeware out there, there has to be some rules in place to limit what ends up on Giant Bomb. I think this is probably something that could do with staff input due to the potential copyright issues, perhaps they have a bit more insight on what is actually legal in this area.

I agree, but what if I extend that further: I would really like a moderator to step into this discussion and provide an opinion though. Is it just cause these guys were smart enough to realize that they probably shouldn't charge for the game?

Games that have been discussed in an editorial capacity Games that have been developed by designers already included in the Giant Bomb database for their work on other, more traditional platforms. And if you still doubt its quality, it was listed as a "Top Dog" game back on the classic site "Home of the Underdogs".

I haven't seen any of it myself so I can't say whether it's possible to defend it as fair use. Feeling pretty dumb about this. That's a terrible precedent honestly, freeware is not any less worthy than commercial games, anything else I find elitist.

DELETE: Blip & Blop Balls of Steel; LOADED studio. - Wiki - Giant Bomb

LordAndrew Follow Forum Posts: That said, the most compelling argument you made was that it was developed by someone who is a professional in the video-game industry and has developed games published by Activision. Am I missing something here?

As for this game, I think that one day the wiki will develop into a platform that can harbor this sort of software into its own niche section and make it easily accessible for those who are looking for it. And if you have trouble running it, set it to XP compatibility mode.

DELETE: Blip & Blop Balls of Steel; LOADED studio.

Besides, most of the graphics, with only a few exceptions, are not lifts from other games but redrawn and all of the soundtrack is blopp. There's a reason why we have the following guidelines for browser abd This is using resources from other games without license. Also, this is not a browser game, it's a full blown stand alone MB PC title From the MobyGames page: My gut instinct is that the copyright infringement should probably disqualify it, as with browser games, but I'd welcome input from staff and other mods.

This is so thorough I'm beginning to wonder if I'm wrong, but it can't be.

Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel

I recall Jeff saying something about games that infringe copyright not being allowed, but I'll be damned if I can find it. From the MobyGames page:.

I did a few ahd searches and didn't come up with much other than some download sites, and a facebook page that had about likes or so. Also delete the Blip and Blop character pages.

So that's what I was missing.

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