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Allow me to introduce myself. He has written over 5, articles during the past 35 years. This newsletter, which is more correctly referred to as a monthly e-book, since its average length is 35 to 40 pages, contains the latest findings about nutrition, exercise science, fat-loss, anti-aging, ergogenic aids, food supplements, and other topics. He is one of the few people in this industry that knows what he's talking about, since he bases his responses on science.

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The fitness industry is full of people pretending to understand exercise science, nutrition and biochemistry, or people selling a nutrition product which requires them to mislead the public with falsehoods. More importantly, he is a great friend, and a very kind, compassionate, and caring human being. Straight Facts By Jerry Brainum. Jerry refused to charge me for this consultation, saying,"You are Reg Park's son, so it is my pleasure. I soon realized that Jerry was an extremely knowledgeable guy.

Building Muscle With Natural Anabolics | Just Like Roids

Just a few years ago nitric oxide was an obscure substance known only to medical researchers. Jerry will feed your head, so you can feed yourself for progress.

This results in increased fat oxidation of fat to heat.

My friend, Jerry, asked me to endorse his newsletter. He is a very nice man and very smart. The analysis and Application of Biomechanics in Resistance Exercise. In most cases, heat should not be applied for about hours after jfrry initial injury.

Jerry sees the forest and the trees. In initial studies, Japanese researchers found that subjects who engage in light intensity exercise, accompanied by external heat, get increased size and strength in this case, arm muscles. This is exactly what happens with normal training and training plus steroids.

He gets it right because he approaches it right. After talking with him, it soon became apparent that his knowledge of nutrition and exercise was incomparable.

Recent research shows that BAT is more prevalent than believed and that adults can increase BAT through cold exposure, Ferris might have increased fat-burning with cold showers via increased BAT! I had the honor or meeting Jerry Brainum back in the early 90s. Here are some of what it includes:.


Special heat sheets were developed and placed over their thighs. Frank Zane, a three-time Mr. I strongly suggest that you subscribe today, and read each issue start to finish. But, most scientists do agree that increased GH increases fat burning g for energy, as compared to carbohydrate during exercise. Post with Jerry Brainum. We were both friendly guys who took time out to talk to and help people. If you are serious about your training, if you are serious about your profession in the fitness and sports fields, you will need this publication.

Do Supplements Work? Jerry Brainum

If your desire is to build muscle or you are a serious competitive bodybuilder or athlete or just want to get in the best shape of your life, then get this e-book. He is one of the few people in this industry that knows what he's talking about, since he bases his responses on science. If more bodybuilders knew about the good things that garlic does, though, they might consider adding a garlic supplement.

Such fats are highly prone to oxidation, anabolifs, and that opens the door to brain degeneration.

The most important and knowledgeable person that I have encountered during my successful year bodybuilding career is Jerry Brainum. This is the same type of information that will appear in his upcoming newsletter. I've learned a great deal from him, and natueal with my father, consider him one of my mentors.

In ancient Egypt garlic was freely distributed to the laborers who built the pyramids because it decreased fatigue and aided rapid recovery. Ds publish or understand.

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