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Deskzilla: A Better Way to Use Bugzilla in Codesion

Deskzilla Features Centralized Navigation Quickly access all data in one place. Saves you several seconds of your time, per issue, per day.

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Please see Time Zone Settings for Bugzilla 4. Establish enterprise version control compliance, governance, and IP security across all source code-related activities.

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Interactive desktop client for Jira. For example, you can create distributions by Priority, drop bugs on individual sub-queries to adjust the priority, then immediately see the results. If you drag a bug from a table and drop it on a query in the navigation area, Deskzilla will try to change the bug so that it satisfies the query's filter.

You can create distributions by Status, Assignee, Priority and other fields. Structure Structure helps Atlassian's largest customers track, manage, and visualize progress across Jira projects Try It Structure at the Marketplace. Saves you several seconds of your time, per issue, per day. Some queries like filtering by date or by text don't support this kind of change, but most queries will let you change one or more bugs just by using drag and drop.

Pages Production server license: Essentially, a distribution is a number of sub-queries, where each sub-query shows only the bugs with a specific value in the field. A query filters bugs and displays a tab with the results. Deskzilla will return the bugs that have the specified words and that satisfy the query you have selected.

Query-Driven Interface The interface is organized in a familiar way and resembles an e-mail client. It's Free Try It.

It provides interactive environment and additional functionality for developers, managers drskzilla QA. Deskzilla Support Request Documentation. Create personal tags and apply them to selected bugs.

If you do a lot of triage or need to assign many bugs to different users, you can set up a number of queries that represent your typical changes and then just drop the bugs on them. Recent Tweets Tweets by almworks.

dev-util/deskzilla – Gentoo Packages

We have also fixed a problem with submitting new bugs, which appeared in certain Bugzilla configurations. Recent Tweets Tweets by almworks. If you are working with several Bugzilla servers, you can add a connection to each of them in Deskzilla and have all the data you need in one place. Testy Support Request Documentation. To use a version that is released after the initial 1 year you need to renew maintenance subscription. Learn from the masters. If you have Bugzilla 4.

Maintenance Renewals The initial license covers 1 year of free upgrades. Colors for Jira Production server license: Structure Production server license:

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