Fairly legal s02e11

Well, they searched the park where Chandra Levy went missing. Well, I really hope you have travel insurance, because I'm gonna need you to stick around until I decide who gets the case. Anyway, I went to a federal judge who, based on your stellar reputation as a mediator, got you appointed as a Magistrate. I went to law school. Look at the view.

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However, as legal elgal to your campaign You should be happy that you caught me with Kate, not a hooker. Nevada's ready to hang that boy. What do you think? Didn't find her body until a year later when some guy stumbled across her, looking for turtles. You had sex with your cousin's wife?

The defendant's own cousin will testify that Craig bragged about putting the victim into a coma. I don't do murder.

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I cannot tell a lie. And they wouldn't let Nevada police question the main suspect in her disappearance. They called him a murderer. What the hell is he doing on this case?


If anybody asks what we're doing here Mm-hmm. But she's sensitive about the "l" word. Matthews, W02e11 am not here to investigate this case. Detective Smith from California.

Justin, you are gonna be the next D. No, it's a slam dunk. We are somewhere, um, in between. I asked for it. You're not that cynical. I didn't know that you two were, um Did you guys mute me? Why is it a potential crime scene? Why should they believe you?

So, then, you went down the Lebal side with her? Then you better make a killer of a closing argument. You're going to Lake Tahoe. They were still sneaking around though. Does she work for the D. Fairly Legal 2x11 - Borderline Original air date June 1, Let me assure you that we will not tolerate hate crimes in San Francisco.

Your daddy can't save you now, Jacob!

It's where we had our first kiss. Well, it always will be. You can tell me all about it on our way to Lake Tahoe! But he put that guy in a coma. Lega harassed my son. I'm more curious about what he wants to show you up in the mountains. Of course, how much less you could care depends on how much you do care, which is Zero!

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