Tinggalkan aku anuar zain

Rew Studios Flikr Site. Hopefully the rest of my parts would cooperate as well Wednesday, October 03, CD Review: It was enough to make the track stand out as well from the collection.

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There was an ethereal quality to the whole arrangement which also differentiated this track from the others. Head hunted in the US 6 months before graduation to work with my current employer and have been with them since Even at that time, the blogger was already raving about the first single from the CD which piqued my tinggaokan but being a non-fan of the artist, I forgot about it in the days that followed.

It was quite hard to choose my favorites among the tracks on the CD as all of them had something to offer to the whole listening experience. But in a distinct departure from his previous efforts, Anuar has enlisted a significant portion of the production to Indonesian composers which has caused controversy in for supposedly overlooking Malaysian songwriting capabilities.

Ex-smoker and drinker - nicotine free since and alcohol free since It was hard for me to listen to this track anuag feeling a lump forming in my throat every time as it invoked memories of friends, old and new, lost and found, that have passed through in my life. I've heard the first 3 songs in the album, and they were great!

I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it and have never looked back. Semi regular train of thought and musings. Lyrically, the song had a darker theme but it was set in a faster paced retro vibe song which caused me to do a mental double take when I first listened to it. It was only after listening to the said first single from another blog site that I caved in and bought the CD for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

One could not ask for a better song to end the CD experience with than this track. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable song and stood out from the tracks that this point as the rest of the track had only been of a slower pace.

It was enough to make the track stand out as well from the collection. Having spent some time this past week listening to the CD constantly on my daily playlist, I now understand why this CD could be one of the best local releases of the year.

They were individually strong and varied to showcase both the masterful vocal skills as well as the high production values put into the presentation.

I'm so gonna get one for myself this afternoon. Kena tunggu ada orang recommend Guitars were also prominently heard in the track but unlike the previous track, the infused a more local flavor to the arrangement. Graduated znuar University of Wisconsin - Madison with Bsc.

Tinggalkan Aku - Anuar Zain

Big on fitness now as trying to recover from all those years of self neglect - mostly spinning classes and weight training 4 times a week at the gym. Nevertheless, the body of work produced by these Indonesian composers are deservedly of high quality and should be viewed as a positive challenge for local songwriters.

If you can only listen to one track from this CD then this is the track to listen to.

The song reminded me of too many similarly Latin flavored songs out there. In the recording industry, where artistes come and go and zku songs a momentary fad, five years would anuzr like a lifetime.

If there is any lacking in this album, it is the obvious ommission of the ballad Perpisahan from the Cinta OST. But that is how long a hiatus it took for one of Malaysia's most preeminent crooner to deliver his third solo album. Haunting strains of piano and strings quickly gives weight to the whole presentation lifting it to a heady height that was simply enjoyable to listen to.

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Having heard the combination of melodies, vocals and arrangement, I have to agree with them. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. My Daily Read List. Not particularly well read, well travelled or well heeled but when push comes to shove, not the worst person to have your back.

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This song, more than others, allowed Anuar Zain to showcase the range of his vocal skills as it stood out more with the subdued musical arrangement. Tak follow sangat tang siapa yang keluar album lately.

Rew Studios Flikr Site. Try doing a seach with the song title in a month or qku.

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