Warkey 1.26a

You can remap your Inventory keys to any key you want. Toggle autocast Additional hotkey modifier: Only shortcuts available in the dropdown are supported.

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Quick Messages for Allied and All. Can u fix the hot key to user can change it?? The script icon should now be visible in the taskbar.

DLL was not found re-installing this application may fix this problem. Press a button on your keyboard or select a hotkey in the dropdown. Actually the "always show hp bar" function can be selected in gameplay option after 1.

Warkey ++ - Download (Custom your DotA Hotkeys)

Your browser doesnt support cookies. It's a small program that reconfigures your keyboard inside warcraft 3.

The hotkeys will be mapped to all hero abilities at this position, except the ones in the hero menu The hotkeys will be mapped to all hero abilities at this position, including the ones in the hero menu. Will this be treated as a "Hack" in garena and ended up our account being banned? Items Auto cast Invoked spells Misc.

WarKey++ 6.5 English (warcraft 1.26a - fix)

Inventory Additional hotkey modifier: So no problem using it! Get Updates via Email! It has enemy HP bars so it Wsrkey considered as a hack. Rampage this rocks other warkeys conflict TRY this guys make C dagger when using Sk xD he ulties and u get to blink with 1 key just c shift click were u wanna go both ulti and blink will be selected asses.

Turns off the script All wwrkey hotkeys F7: Dota Customkey Generator version 4. Miscellaneous Turn On extension script: How do i active this warkey? Thx Dota-Utilities, I would kiss u if i could! Start the program by double clicking the file Vista and Windows 7 must Run as Administrator.

Only shortcuts available in the dropdown are supported. The "S" means that the script is currently suspended not active.

DotA Utilities

My inventory keys are working just fine but i cant set my skill keys. Might as well use thischoose zeus and zap when u see red hp bars.

Anonymous, This will not be treated as a Hack, I have tested this tool on Garena and haven't got banned. This tool has other great features too, check them out! I recommend that you also read Extension Script Read Me before using the script. But just a little problem. Press this button once. Makes mouse cursor stay in window while playing in Window Mode.

Very simple and nice interface. None Wsrkey Alt Shift. When you're ingame you can use the following commands: Disable Left [Win] Key. Toggle autocast Additional hotkey modifier:

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