Aanati neeyara swathi kiranam

Anantha Sharma Mammootty is a highly accomplished carnatic music exponent and renowned by many as a role model. Retrieved from " https: It was also dubbed in Tamil and Kannada and achieved similar success there as well.

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Aanati Neeyara Song Lyrics From Swathi Kiranam

His music teacher, also the policeman's aunt, recognizes his talent and tries to nurture it. Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. The original song was sung by Jayalakshmi of famous duo Radha Jayalaksmi. Gangadhar Master Manjunath lives in the same village. Of the many films they acted together this film stands for its virtue. Saluru Rajeswara Rao seemed to have introduced this raga in in telugu films when he was just Shivani Bhavani on the other hand is sung in the same tune but with different emotional levels by the two lead characters Anantha Sharma and Gangadharam respectively.

He learns music from a local guru Jayanthi who instantly finds Gangadharam exceptional in the way of learning music. Veteran singer Vani Jayaram lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the film and she is absolutely fantastic.

Swathi Kiranam

Swathi Kiranam is perhaps the only film to have same lyrical compositions sung by different singers. The mellifluous and memorable songs from these other noted music directors of telugu films like Pendyala and KV Mahadevan were mostly based on Indian Classical ragas. Dawn of Light is a Telugu musical drama film directed by K. When he awakes, he finds himself in the house of Gangadhar's music teacher.

It is also strange that music was composed by two tamil maestros Viswanathan and Ramamurty. The best feature aamati him is the sparkling smile which speaks of the innocence in his character.

His day comes when Anantha Sharma is honored in an auditorium.

Swati Kiranam - Wikipedia

If the World itself is dual, how can a person escape such nature? Anantha Rama Sharma is a widely respected Carnatic singer with a big ego. The music teacher's husband tells him that they have forgiven him and asks him to return to his house.

Despite many songs composed on him by noted composers one film song which is a lullaby stands out. Narayana Reddy and Vennelakanti Music- K. Anantha Sharma Mammootty is a highly accomplished carnatic music exponent and renowned by many as a role model.

It is indeed her character which makes the film stable throughoutand her pristine nature is reflected throughout the film. But the compositions are strikingly different.

I always held a view that ragas are daughters and heavenly angels for they have lasted in Indian music for centuries whereas names of human beings in India are changed after each generation. Lord Venkateswara is aarahya daivam of telugu people. But Gangadharam sings the same song in a different yet better tune in music competition for which Anantha Sharma is the judge.

She plans to make Gangadharam sing in front of Anantha Shama so that her husband can give some guidance for the young singer on how to perform. Vishwanath is seen in the film where he wonderfully portrays the common insecurity which every musical performer faces- and it is highly important that any artist should be free from his ego to live at peace.

His knowledge in the field of Carnatic music is immense, and he is obviously too pleased with himself regarding the same. Noted Film Directors like Pullaiah, Kamalakara Kameswara Rao and K Viswanath utilized the rich potential of the ragas and skill of the music directors in enriching the scope and content of Telugu film music and taking the connoisseurs to untenanted areas of musical bliss.

To escape their wrath and insults, he runs away and becomes a recluse. People behind the Screen: Vani JayaramK.

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