Neve 1073 plugin

The thing that is really annoying is they keep changing the price. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Maybe we can buy another 1 a few years later and that 1 will really sound like the original. Gatos September 9, Dre, Herbie Hancock, Eminem.

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The Legacy lacks the nonlinear harmonics and subtle distortions of the new, but in a full mix I was content using the older version alongside the new one when I ran out of DSP.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What impressed me most on the mic pre side was how similarly the two units react to input sources, nee functionally and sonically.

This thing adds a girth and nice color to everything you run through it. The has two possible impedance settings: The stepped outer ring selects between frequency choices of Hz, Hz, 1.

The new Neve plug-in really shows off how successful the Unison impedance matching is in a big, big way, especially on dynamic and ribbon mics. I'm not a big fan of the GUI knob-controls.

In default mode the unit is set to Hi. I tracked many sources twice, both with and without matched EQ at various impedance settings, and I also used just the EQ section on a mix. I love the new Neve preamp it sounds great on any instrument especially vocals.

APRIL 2015: Universal Audio UAD-2 Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

Maybe we can buy another 1 a few years later and that 1 will really sound like the original. The is equal parts microphone preamp and equalizer. But the new takes it over the top. I own almost all the UAD plugins and have not written a review yet. I used the demo version to record a Vocal, synth and drum machine and it haves an amazing sound, warmth clarity, the best recording 11073 have done so far.

Hurley July 15, The new UAD plug-in has truly captured every nuance.

Recording Review: Universal Audio UAD-2 Neve Preamp EQ Plug-In

If I'm not pulgin. Colmenero December 28, As I did with my comparison, I used a pair of Lauten Atlantis microphones to track an entire song with drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, double-tracked lead and backing vocals, tambourine, and shaker.

I own the hardware and it sounds almost like it. As popularity grew a second manufacturer, St. I am disappointed only because this plug-in sounds so amazing and I plugjn want more.

New Neve Preamp VS Neve

Shaghasi June 26, Of course the correct answer to all three is Yes! Add Thread to del.

Marston August 7, Mather July 15, It wasthenthen when I bought it now 99; and all within a few weeks. The preamp The is equal parts microphone preamp and equalizer.

The new plug-in is mounted vertically, whereas the Legacy version was horizontal, and the new version is nice and large compared to the much smaller Legacy UI. Massive Passive Eat your heart out - Neve 1037 - One mic went into the Apollo Twin with the plug-in enabled; the pluvin went into the N hardware, then into the Apollo Twin at line level.

Well not the new as it will kill your DSP resources really quickly.

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