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Graphically, Fantasy Kommander is not very impressive. Play free online games , every day new games at AgeofGames. Equipment Chain mail and plate armor, poisoned sword, iron shield.

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The most brave ride ferocious wolves and shouting dreadful cries in battle. Long mithotyn king of the distant forest attack that allows to hit the enemy without the risk of counterattacks.

Equipment No armor, Light Bow.

Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars (UD) - Age of Games

Thus, simpler titles have gradually crept onto my PC. You got the chance to see its origin in a funny and informative videohad a sneek peek through an immersive AARbut now it time to unleash the magical and challenging world of Fantasy Kommander: Turn Based Strategy Numbers of Players: Turn-based Fantasy Wargame; A complex and detailed Battle System that considers the strength ratio between the Attacker and Defender, the state of health and morale of the units, the terrain and many other tactical factors; A deep and involving Storyline set in a world inspired by the European Middle Age and enriched by the Fantasy narrative tradition; 4 Single Player Campaigns with 25 Epic Battles, 3 Heroes, Powerful Enemy Generals, and multiple Side Quests; Over 70 different Units to enroll, upgrade and unleash in Battle; Every Unit is like a Rpg character with many stats and abilities that you can manage and upgrade; Incredible spells; Hordes of Enemies; Hours and Hours of pure Strategy and Rpg fun!

On each campaign map, you move from battle to battle in a mostly linear fashion, with a very occasional side battle that you can unlock by winning previous battles quickly. As seen in the above screenshot, the battle map is hex-based, and each hex can hold one unit. The enemy AI is pretty competent, perfectly capable of outflanking you if you give them the opportunity, using missile weapons and magic just like you must do. The objective is to conquer up to 7 opposing AI or human players by defeating their armies and capturing their lands.

Attacking from a distance allows them to damage the enemy without suffering any counterattacks.

Slitherine - Fantasy Kommander- Eukarion Wars

Eukarion Wars Wallaper Collection Posted: Just maths and learning. Available troops are shown on a strip along the bottom of the battle map, with possible deployment hexes highlighted and arranged linearly across the bottom of eukarionn map. Ten beers in the mountains!

If you're looking for a strategy game with a complex battle system, a deep storyline, and a huge setting, you probably don't want to miss this game.

Equipment Chain mail and plate armor, poisoned sword, iron shield.

Elven Archers attacks a unit of skeleton warriors. Unit facing is crucial to combat but can be hard to see from the medium level perspective shown. The sale will last until January 13 th. Small tags on the unit icons indicate morale status and any special powers being used.

Medieval Realms Release Date: This Kingdom is powerful but isolated from the rest of the world. Dear ageofgames supporters and indiegogo contributors, finally Fantasy Kommander-Eukarion Wars is Reality!

Elven Infantry Elven Infantry is a good unit in both attack and defense. After an attack, units cannot rotate to protect themselves.


Bonus in the Forest. Players will play a Kommander at the beginning of their military careers, thrown into a titanic battle that is devastating the entire continent of Eukarion.

Game Features The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features: This is not the best human army but it's very useful to hit the enemies from distance.

Players should be thinking on how they will move their troops on the first move during this deployment. They are ancient warriors forced to resurrect and fight by the magic power who tore them from the grave.

Matrix Games

Hovering over a target brings up a tool tip that details probable damage to attacker and defender and points out which facing the attack will come through. We have literally worked day and night to shift from totally externalized services to a fully integrated service and our production team has pulled some real magic trick to complete a fully working kommandrr in time kommanxer the Christmas season.

Human Archers Human Archers are mostly recruited from the hunters of Adamantia.

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