Winview 32

The TIFF files do not contain any acquisition or setup information. The shutter will be forced open. Parameter Definitions in roper.

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If this is greater than the acquisition time plus readout overhead then the driver will wait until the period has elapsed before starting the next acquisition.

It also implements a number of parameters that are specific to the Roper detectors. The driver winvieq not automatically change the file extension. If you need to change it, go back to that window, change it there, and press the Get Image Info button again.

Princeton Camera

The shutter operating mode for shutters controlled by WinView. It may ask if you want to overwrite a file which already exists. Useful for taking a dark current image.

After WinView is started, you need to configure the software. The overhead per image in the table below is the total time to acquire the data set minus 1. For details on the meaning of the parameters to this function refer to the detailed documentation on the roperConfig function in the roper.

A flag controlling whether WinView will automatically chose the optimal data type for the image data. Only SPE-format files have all the experimental header data, including date and time image was collected.

Allowed values are detector dependent, but 1 and 2 are typically supported. However, in WinView this requires closing and re-opening the window that controls that parameter, such as the Experiment Setup tabbed windows, to see any changes made by EPICS since the window was opened.

Note that there are 3 possible levels of nested acquisition looping when using the Roper driver. Several computer programs are used to access the Princeton camera, which is connected to the Side Station Image computer.

areaDetector Roper driver

DO NOT set exposure time or number of images number of frames in the movie here, set them in in the Roper. User comments for the data file. It does not save the data. The image may not appear, but if you adjust the image contrast, etc. This driver inherits from ADDriver.

A single external trigger pulse will acquire an entire sequence of images. The camera can be accessed using WinView alone, but greatest flexibility is obtained if you use the Epics interface.

If this flag is 0 then the NDDataType parameter controls the data type of the images.

areaDetector Roper driver

This will load the Roper server, Exceed, Medm, the Roper. WinView is winviea started before the areaDetector software is started. The information below is out-of-date because we don't use WinView directly any morebut there may be useful information contained herein. Below is the desktop with all the programs opened:. The acquisition time was 0. It causes acquisition to proceed as quickly as iwnview.

Start by pressing the "Start Roper R" icon, toward the upperleft of the desktop. The number of acquisitions to perform when acquisition is started. These measurements were made with a CoolSnap-HQ2 detector which has x pixels. Note that the general purpose screen ADBase. This is the same as pressing the Acquire button in WinView.

This acquires one image for each external trigger pulse. The following table describes how the Roper driver implements some of the standard driver parameters.

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