Fata draga nu fi trista

Likewise, even though love hurts sometimes, dwelling on the past for too long can cause us even more unnecessary pain. The themes of her songs range from love and failed relationships to the passing of time and the preconceptions we face and fight off daily. All Romanian albums Back to Reviews Home. In she sang in the opening concert Whigfield in Bucharest , and a year later, at the opening concert of the band Los del Rio.

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She was nicknamed girl with hair of firealluding to the hair colour with which she appeared in the spotlight.

Her upbringing in a spiritual family led her to develop a passion for music. In the singer appeared at the festival Amara Gala, which she cherished throughout her career, returning twice thereafter.

All Romanian albums Back to Reviews Home.

Mădălina Manole

As the title suggests, Madalina urges us to not be sad or hold a grudge against those who have caused us pain, but rather to look on the bright side and learn from our failed relationships. She became very popular and signed a management contract with Electrecord. It is a timeless song, faa its mellow musical tones, and it soothes the hearts of those who listen to it.

At the time, the press and her fans accused her of financial motives in marrying Georgescu, given the difference in their ages. Simultaneously, her first fan club was created, led by students Ciprian Antochi and Claudia Panaite.

Insecticide killed top Romanian singer". Fata draga, nu fi trista fiindca e pacat, Fara lacrimi nu exista dor adevarat.

Madalina Manole - Fata Draga! lyrics

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This timeless song, with its mellow musical tones, soothes the hearts of those who listen to it.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on 30 March Due to fact that she killed herself, she received only a shorter religious burial service, outside the church. We should, instead of falling prey to despair and hopelessness, draw a line and move forward, as true love will find us eventually: This song received fourth place, and brought about the collaboration which had a major role in her career as a singer.

Fata Draga! (English translation)

This article needs additional citations for verification. In she sang in the trjsta concert Whigfield in Bucharestand a year later, at the opening concert of the band Los del Rio. Madalina Manole, "fata cu parul de foc", o viata inchinata muzicii si scenei".

Born into a family that valued music highly, Manole took guitar lessons from a young age and later pursued her musical studies in The Popular School of Arts.

On February 19,she released a new album. In the late s, Manole participated with Runceanu and Laura Stoica in a tournament in Transylvaniawhich was aimed at raising funds for the revitalization of the Oradea State Theater. Manole decided to record a new album in Inshe obtained awards for best performer and best pop female voice of the year of Romania and Radio Awards and Music Industry Awards in Romania.

Dar se zvanta, nor in soare, lacrima usor, Si surasul reapare cald si-nfloritor La fel si eu am iubit Si cineva m-a mintit,Am plans si drumul fara rost mi draag parut, Dar dupa o zi si inca o zi, Cerul cald al inimii, Stralucea insorit ca la inceput Refren: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The album, entitled So what?

It has become the track for which she is best remembered. Archived from the original on 16 July At the time, Vi began to perform on stage, performing internationally to the Romanian diaspora located in the United States, Austria, Belgium and Germany. Retrieved 14 July Retrieved from " https: Likewise, even though love hurts sometimes, dwelling on the past for too long can cause us even more unnecessary pain.

She was invited to attend the most important television and radio shows, and her name is remembered along with very famous entertainment and music artists.

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